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The address of collecting on a mortgaged property it can be refused if the violation of the obligation provided with pledge allowed by the debtor is the extremely insignificant also the size of requirements of the pawnbroker thereof it is obviously disproportionate costs of a mortgaged property.

With deduction of a thing also the requirements though which are not connected with payment of a thing or compensation of costs for it and other losses, but arose from the obligation which parties work as businessmen can be provided.

The charter of the unitary enterprise has to contain besides the data specified in point 2 of article 52 of the present Code, data on a subject and the purposes of activity of the enterprise, and also on the size of an authorized capital of the enterprise, an order and sources of its formation.

The institution answers for the obligations in the cash which is at its disposal. At their insufficiency subsidiary responsibility according to its obligations is born by the owner of the corresponding property.

The enterprise can be founded as a result of allocation from structure of the operating enterprise, association, the organization of one or several structural divisions (units) with preservation behind these structural divisions (units) of the existing obligations to the enterprise.

The property is the relation of the person to the thing belonging to it as to the which is expressed in possession, use and the order by it, and also in elimination of intervention of all third parties to that sphere of economic domination for which the power of the owner stretches.

The state or municipal unitary enterprise to which the property belongs on the right of economic maintaining, owns, uses and disposes of this property in the limits defined according to the present Code.

The ownerless immovable thing which is not recognized by a court decision come to municipal property, can be again accepted in possession, use and the order of the owner who left it or is acquired in property owing to acquisitive prescription.

Consumer cooperative the voluntary association of citizens and legal entities on the basis of membership for the purpose of satisfaction of material and other needs of participants which is carried out by association by his members of property shares admits.

Transfer delivery of a thing admits to the purchaser, and equally in delivery in a carrier for sending in the purchaser or delivery in the organization of communication for transfer in the purchaser of things, aloof without obligation of delivery.

The enterprise has no right to sell the real estate belonging to it on the right of economic maintaining, to lease it, to pawn, bring as a contribution to the authorized (depository) capital of economic societies and associations or otherwise to dispose of this property without the owner's consent.

support of foreign economic activity of subjects of small business, including assistance to development of their commercial, scientific and technical, production, information relations with the foreign states;

The enterprises on the right of economic maintaining - answers with all the property, does not answer for obligations the owner, the owner bears subsidiary responsibility if insolvency of the unitary enterprise is caused by the owner.

If according to the decision of participants conducting business activity is assigned to association (union), such association (union) will be transformed to economic society or association in the order provided by the present Code or can create for implementation of business activity economic society or participate in such society.

The owner of the property assigned to the state enterprise or institution having the right to withdraw the excessive, not used or used not for designated purpose property and to dispose of it at discretion.

Judgment about liquidation of legal entity on his founders (the participant or the body authorized on liquidation of legal entity by its constituent documents obligations for implementation of liquidation of legal entity can be assigned.