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Are included in the operating package of radio station: the working set of radio station consisting of the transceiver, two accumulators 2KNP-20, the flexible shtyrevy antenna, zaplechny belts, a microtelephone font, a key screw-driver, the radio operator's bag. Is in a bag of the radio operator: a microtelephone font, the beam antenna, the flexible shtyrevy antenna, six probes for the combined antenna, a three-beam counterbalance, a screw-driver (big, small and long), a figurative headlight, a spare bulb, an insulating tape, a key face.

The courier mail service can be organized in the directions to each subordinated division or along a circular route when one courier consistently goes round some points of management of subordinates. Sending mobile means is carried out according to the schedule according to the order of a staff about delivery periods of reports and mailings.

The main objectives on ensuring management and a shown to it. Means and types of communication, their and characteristic. Ways of the organization of a radio wire and communication by mobile means.

The basis of a communication system of parts and divisions is made by an ultro-korotkovoltny radio communication. Shortly – the wave radio communication, as a rule is reserve. The main way of the organization of communication in parts and divisions is the radio network. In some cases with the divisions which are carrying out the most important tasks, communication can be carried out in the radio directions.

Is included in the single package of radio station: SPD-12 accumulator 4sht., a protective tarpaulin cover, the beam antenna, a microtelephone font – and a monaural headphone, a counterbalance, a heater, antenna extensions of 22 pieces, a special key, an illumination bulb, electrolyte – 0,15 l., spare radio tubes, the form, the technical specification and maintenance instructions of 1 piece on 4 products, the maintenance instruction of the SPD accumulators – 12 on 4 sets one.

There can be also other malfunctions signs which are above-mentioned, but it is possible to correct them only at plant. If you on the listed malfunctions took the specified measures, but malfunction was not eliminated, the radio station should be handed over in repair.

R-105 radio station rantsevy, figurative, ultrashort-wave, telephone with frequency modulation, send-receive, bespoiskovy, bespodstroyechny with possibility of remote control and relaying.