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The individual approach is aimed first of all at strengthening of merits and elimination of shortcomings. At ability and timely intervention it is possible to avoid undesirable, painful process of re-education.

In vigorous activity mental processes develop, intellectual, emotional and strong-willed qualities of the personality, her ability and character are formed. A problem of an individual approach therefore it cannot be considered out of activity, without the child's relation to people around, his interests.

In moral education at the child moral standards, the experience of behavior, the attitude towards people are formed. Moral senses are intensively formed. Moral education has essential impact on formation of will and character of the child.

At younger school age the nervous system is improved, functions of big hemispheres of a golony brain intensively develop, amplifies analytical and synthetic functions of bark. Quickly the mentality of the child develops. The relationship of processes of excitement and braking changes. Accuracy of work of sense organs increases. In comparison with preschool age sensitivity by the color increases by 45%, articulate and muscular feelings improve for 50%, visual for 80% (A. N. Leontye.

Elementary school has to include the pupils in reasonably organized, productive work, violent for them, which value of formation and social qualities of the personality is incomparable.

The attention of younger school students not any, not rather steady, limited on volume. Any attention develops together with other functions and first of all motivation of the doctrine, a sense of responsibility for success of educational activity.

The problem of an individual approach to children gained all-round development in practical experience and in the pedagogical doctrine of V. A. Sukhomlinsky. He emphasized importance of development of an individual originality of the identity of the child.

Are of great importance of feature of higher nervous activity of the person for formation of the personality: the temperament affects activity, working capacity, ease of the adaptation to the changing conditions, steadiness of behavior.