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The variety of figuration of fabric can be generally presented by the following types of an ornament: classical, vegetable, zoomorfny, abstract and geometrical and other. Fabric can be ornamented also with drawings of thematic character: landscape, still life.

Thus, in order that it is correct to use color in clothes, it is necessary to pick up color scale of ensemble taking into account the style, individual shape, in view of compliance of color combinations to a functional purpose, form and the invoice of material of a suit.

In the color can seasonality of clothes is expressed. It is known that summer suits differ in brightness of color combinations, abundance of the light and white flowers which are in harmony with bright greens, the blue sky, the sea, yellow sand, etc.

Color as means of composition of a suit is closely connected with its form. If the form of a suit is laconic, geometrically simple and has accurately expressed plane decisions, the suit will not look gloomy when using dark blue and gray-blue tones. At a suit form with massive folds from the same fabric of dark blue color it will look as black. Bright, juicy colors are well combined with a simple form, bed, soft, can be used for more difficult silhouettes.